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Experience Life Magazine: What to Let Go

What to Let Go - De-clutter Your Life!!!

6 Ways to Maximise your Metabolism

Maximise your potential!!!

A Powerful technique to tap into!!!

Wouldn't you like to get rid of those fears and inhibitions that hold you back......? No wonder they call it 'Emotional Freedom Technique' (EFT).  EFT is a powerful but really simple technique to free yourself from your 'emotional baggage' or 'bust those beliefs' that are holding you back.  Watch the introduction video below to learn this valuable and simple technique. Free your Money blocks now!!! Tap into your brilliance below!!! and you can find out more here...
Happiness is the Perfect Health System

Aromatherapy - Ten Essential Oils to have on hand!

Ten Essential Oils You’ll Want To Use And Why! by Susi Baumgartner Aromatherapy literally means “to treat with aroma or fragrance through inhalation.” Although inhalation is one of the main applications for Aromatherapy, there are several ways to enhance your health and well-being through the Art of Aromatherapy. As a preventative measure Aromatherapy is a safe alternative method to soothe our emotions, quiet our mind, and balance our energies, especially if we feel like we are a little off-centre or out of balance. Essential oils have the ability to help us naturally, by bringing about a feeling of calmness or alertness, depending upon the situation and which essential oil or combination of oils you use. Using an oil burner to diffuse essential oils or having a massage with an essential oil blend are other practical and effective ways to enjoy their benefits! How does it work? The diffusing effect of essential oils works through the 'olfactory system' which has