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Update on Nigella Sativa

 Sacred Ancient Remedy in danger of being taken over by Nestle!!! You may have read recently about the wonders of the humble Nigella Sativa or Black Seed Plant, which has been around for thousands of years and known as a 'cure-all' in many countries of the world. Well, now Nestle wants to get their hands on it and patent it themselves to manufacture and control the use of it, which will make it very expensive and impossible to get. Friends, This IS so ridiculous that I had to share, and I hope that you will help me fight it by signing the petition . Nigella sativa -- more commonly known as black seed or fennel flower -- has been used as a cure-all remedy for over a thousand years. It treats everything from vomiting to fevers to skin diseases, and has always been widely available in impoverished communities across the Middle East and Asia. But now NestlĂ© is claiming to own it, and trying take control over the natural cure of the cumin seed in order to turn it i

Black Cumin Seed - Cures everything except death!

How many of us need to boost our immune system, assist our body's own natural healing powers or increase our daily intake of cell protective antioxidants? Is there a simple way to achieve this seemingly complicated desire to improve one 's health ? Introducing 'Black Seed' (Nigella sativa) which has long been hailed as a 'cure-all' and recorded as far back as 3000 years ago in ancient egyptian times where it was even found in the tomb of the great Pharoah Tutankhamen.   The protective and healing properties of the Black Seed are so remarkably comprehensive and varied (over 100 different constituents - including vitamins, minerals and amino acids), that for thousands of years people have regarded it as a miracle cure. This fascinating natural plant of Nigella Sativa has been endorsed by many scientists as one of the safest and effective plant extracts available for human consumption. In more recent times, many of the benefits attributed Black Se