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The Humble Mulberry

Mulberry Leaf May Well Help Reduce Coronary Artery Disease Is Mulberry one more plant form with  nutrition  magic? Indeed it is and this magical nutrient could save your life. It is astonishing that such a comparatively unknown common plant can perform such great magic feats. Mulberry leaf is the one that can help removes artery disease lesions. In a new study analysts studied mice that were deficient in the protein apolipoprotein E. This protein is critical in lipid  metabolism  in mice as well as in humans. The investigators fed the mice a food blend containing 1 % mulberry leaf for 12 weeks. Those mice that were fed the mulberry - supplemented chow had an unforeseen remarkable 40 % lessening in their atherosclerosis lesions in their aortas. In an complementary test tube study, it showed mulberry extract slowed the oxidation of lipids which means an antioxidant reaction against free radicals caused by oxidation. The authors concluded that mulberry leaf might help prevent a

Good News for Sufferers of Parkinson's Disease

Gene Therapy Reverses Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease ScienceDaily (Mar. 17, 2011)  — A gene therapy called NLX-P101 dramatically reduces movement impairment in Parkinson's patients, according to results of a Phase 2 study published today in the journal  Lancet Neurology . The approach introduces a gene into the brain to normalize chemical signaling. A new study brings hope for Parkinson sufferers. The study is the first successful randomized, double-blind clinical trial of a gene therapy for Parkinson's or any neurologic disorder, and it represents the culmination of 20 years of research by study co-authors Dr. Michael Kaplitt, vice chairman for research in the Department of Neurological Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and a neurosurgeon at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, and Dr. Matthew During, originally at Yale University and now professor of molecular virology, immunology and medical genetics, neuroscience and neurological surgery

Are you sleep deprived? Nanna Naps are good for you!

Are you getting enough sleep?  Maybe you could squeeze in a 'Nanna Nap' to ease your situation and lower your blood pressure.... The frenetic lifestyle   some of us now lead with extra work loads to make ends meet,   studying   part-time to improve   our chances of a better position in life, staying up half the night studying or doing our chores because we can't get it done in normal hours…. The perils of modern society and then there's the internet and what about television? Not to mention the attention we need to give our loved ones and the other people in our life... If we get a few moments to spare we then 'watch' TV to relax!   To try and fit it all in to our daily schedule, there's no wonder we are sleep-deprived.   Going to bed later, but still getting up at the same time has had to have an effect on our waking performance, and possibly our stress level tolerance. According to Science Daily:   "The average sleep duration is now almost 2 hours sh

Are you missing something, lacking in nutrients or mineral deficient?

Are you feeling run-down, tired or feel like you have lost that 'spring in your step'? What do you eat? How is your diet, can you be sure you are getting all the essential nutrients from what you eat? Do you eat a balanced variety of fruit and vegetables? Are you getting most of your food out of a packet? Do you have trouble sleeping? If you are eating a well balanced diet but not eating primarily organically grown foods, t hen you could still be experiencing signs of a Mineral imbalance or deficiency. Even the soils that we grow our foods in are becoming consistently depleted of essential nutrients. And what about stress? Do you find there are just not enough hours in the day....? Your health, well-being and energy levels can, over time, be adversely affected if you are not receiving the essential nutrients in your diet, and not having sufficient rest and relaxation to begin with. But how do you know if you are coming up short on the essential minerals for your body?