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Are you missing something, lacking in nutrients or mineral deficient?

Are you feeling run-down, tired or feel like you have lost that 'spring in your step'? What do you eat? How is your diet, can you be sure you are getting all the essential nutrients from what you eat? Do you eat a balanced variety of fruit and vegetables? Are you getting most of your food out of a packet? Do you have trouble sleeping? If you are eating a well balanced diet but not eating primarily organically grown foods, t hen you could still be experiencing signs of a Mineral imbalance or deficiency. Even the soils that we grow our foods in are becoming consistently depleted of essential nutrients. And what about stress? Do you find there are just not enough hours in the day....? Your health, well-being and energy levels can, over time, be adversely affected if you are not receiving the essential nutrients in your diet, and not having sufficient rest and relaxation to begin with. But how do you know if you are coming up short on the essential minerals for your body?