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The Relaxation Response!

How Stressed are you? What is the placebo effect? Video: Nick Ortner interviews Dr. Lissa Rankin About: How stress in your mind affects your health... Why stress is WAY more toxic on the body than you think! Why stress is WAY more toxic than you think!! Why stress is WAY more dangerous than you think!!! In the interview Dr. Lissa Rankin, a traditionally trained medical doctor who specializes in understanding the mind-body connection, sits down with Nick Ortner, the producer of the event.   They have some very interesting dialogue where Dr. Rankin shares her latest research as well as solutions and shares her perspective on what is happening in the mind and body when people are doing EFT Tapping. You're going to really enjoy this! Most people treat stress like a badge of honor, proudly displaying it like it's something they've earned.  "I'm stressed out so that means I'm working hard and I'm valuable."  Without knowing it, many