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Gems for Anxiety & Emotional Balance

Rhodochrosite - helps release emotional stress Poppy Jasper - helps to gain a positive outlook Lapis - releases tension & soothes a worried mind Lapis Lazuli - balances the mind Rhodonite - stabilizes your emotions Aventurine - releases anxiety Moonstone - relieves anxiety Amethyst - heals the mind and aids in meditation Jade - helps you to relax Kunzite - gives emotional support Malachite - brings harmony into your life Rose Quartz - will give you emotional balance Tree Agate - helps you to view yourself with clarity Amber - lifts emotional burdens Coral - enhances your emotional balance Morganite - Helps to release unhealthy emotional patterns  Generally any Blue or Green stones have a calming or soothing influence - Carry any one of these stones to promote more calm, truth and serenity in your daily life.