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Arthritis Remedies

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that causes pain and loss of movement of the joints. The word arthritis literally means joint inflammation - arth =joint, ritis =inflammation. Looking for an effective Arthritis Remedy Since arthritis comes in so many different forms and since no two people are alike, what works for one person or one kind of arthritis may not work for another. Following are remedies, treatments and information which have may have been effective with at least some people and some forms of arthritis.  Plant Minerals - minerals are the building blocks of the enzymes necessary for the utilization of all other vitamins and nutrients. Minerals already digested by plants are potentially 100% absorbable and therefore readily useable by the body.   Colloidal Gold - gold has been used as a Homeopathic remedy but is also available as a liquid form in Colloidal solution.   Colloidal Silver - some arthritis is believed to be viral related and colloid