The Humble Mulberry

Mulberry Leaf May Well Help Reduce Coronary Artery Disease
Is Mulberry one more plant form with nutrition magic? Indeed it is and this magical nutrient could save your life. It is astonishing that such a comparatively unknown common plant can perform such great magic feats. Mulberry leaf is the one that can help removes artery disease lesions.
In a new study analysts studied mice that were deficient in the protein apolipoprotein E. This protein is critical in
lipid metabolism in mice as well as in humans. The investigators fed the mice a food blend containing 1 % mulberry leaf for 12 weeks.
Those mice that were fed the mulberry - supplemented chow had an unforeseen remarkable 40 % lessening in their atherosclerosis lesions in their aortas. In an complementary test tube study, it showed mulberry extract slowed the oxidation of lipids which means an antioxidant reaction against free radicals caused by oxidation. The authors concluded that mulberry leaf might help prevent atherosclerosis.

This caused me to look further into mulberry leaf information. Its leaves comprise a rather considerable amount of flavonoids. These flavonoids are in the quercetin family. For anybody who is not familiar with antioxidants quercetin is a powerful antioxidant located in grapes. This same antioxidant as part of the mulberry plant is a strong and potent free radical neutralizer. The better known quercetin extracts are often used in many antioxidant formulas as well as high energy formulas. Other studies have found that mulberry leafs and extracts also have reduced symptoms of diabetes in animals.

If you have atherosclerosis or wish to take preventive action, this very low-priced herb might be a magic nutrient which can help you remove vessel plaque. By minimizing vessel blockage you reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke significantly. And the slowing of oxidation of lipids as described above may help keep your cholesterol healthy. So if you have high cholesterol, mulberry should be a required nutrient, to keep your LDL from oxidizing. I think we will see far more mulberry research and studies in the future. Mulberry leaf is readily available online and in most vitamin cottages


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